The government today (April 23) published revised guidelines with regard to public activities in response to COVID-19.

Pandemic situation in the country is subject to change from time to time and level of activity permitted and the number of people engaged in these functions will need to be changed, according to the document issued by State Minister of Primary Health Care, Epidemic and Covid Disease Control Dr. Sudarshini Fernandopulle.

The revised guidelines will be effective until the 31st of May.

Health authorities have introduced an alert level system based on an understanding of public and work settings in Sri Lanka.

Alert Level 1 – Cases reported are only those coming from outside the country (detected in quarantine); no clusters
Alert Level 2 – One cluster of cases
Alert Level 3 – Several clusters in different districts 
Alert Level 4 – Cases are appearing with no connection to any cluster (community transmission)

As identified by the Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka is currently at Alert Level 3.

Accordingly, higher education centres including universities and tuition classes will remain closed at this level. However, schools, preschools and day-care centres will operate with 50 per cent of the capacity.

In the meantime, indoor and outdoor parties or events, public gatherings, children’s parks, carinavls, musical shows, beach parties, swimming pools, casinos, night clubs, spas, day rooms and home stays will not be allowed to operate.

Supermarkets, shopping malls, financial institutions (banks, finance companies, pawning centres, etc.), restaurants (dinning in), clothing or textile shops, grocery stores, open markets, economic centres, bakeries, barber and beauty salons, furniture/electrical/hardware stores, laundries, tailors and dressmakers, communication/photocopy shops, courts, gymnasiums and indoor sports halls, betting centres, hotels, rest houses, guest houses can function up to 50% of the capacity or customers that could be accommodated while adhering to the given instructions.

Places of worship are not allowed to carry out collective activities or gatherings, except for weddings with the permitted number of participants, as per the given instructions. The number of devotees at a given time should be restricted to a maximum of 50 people at any given time.

Weddings can be held with the maximum number of 150 guests and funerals (except COVID-related deaths) may be attended by a maximum of 25 persons.

Meanwhile, health sector, government offices, private sector offices, the health sector and utility services (electricity, water, telecommunication, fuel stations, gas stations, motor garages, tyre services, postal services, courier services) can function with the minimum possible number of employees to maintain service requirements.

Restaurants providing takeaway and deliver services, and wine stores are allowed normal operations with strong adherence to health protocols.

Public transportations services are permitted to transport passengers only up to the seating capacity of the bus/train.

Meanwhile, private taxi services can function with the maximum number of passengers being limited to 2 for cars and three-wheelers. For other types of vehicles, only seated passengers are allowed be transported.

The health ministry said these guidelines are supported by the guidelines issued earlier.

For more details refer the guidelines attached below:

by Col3neg

published Date 2021-04-23